Grid forming e-cars in 3Sat-Nano

The German TV station 3Sat NANO brought an insightful article about current activities in grid forming e-cars. The electric vehicle is ideal as a swarm storage system for renewable energy.

AFi Drive

A unique 400 VoltDC Distributed Servo Drive system for industrial applications

Compact elevator installations

Home elevators are an increasingly frequent element in interior design as well as a great support for the elderly or disabled. Unfortunately, motors installed in standard lifts and the necessary additional components for their functioning often require large machine room areas located at the bottom or top of the elevator shaft. Even current Machine Rool […]

Solution for problematic conveyor belts

Conveyor belts, for all their usefulness, present a host of challenges. Their constant motion and high speed, coupled with the industrial scale forces required to drive them, rapidly multiply the consequences of any malfunction (e.g. blockage, equipment error, human error) along the line. They therefore require constant monitoring to detect and contain errors in a […]

Pioneering power electronics lab

Research and development lab of leading edge bi-directional power electronics, from 1W up to 100kW power range.