Vehicle to home – V2H/V2X

Bi-directional vehicle to home, vehicle to grid or anywhere

Optimal V2X vehicle charger. Best in class on efficiency (<97%!) in a wide power range with home backup functionality. Extended home backup and self grid forming.

4Q Motor Drives

most robust 4 quadrant drive > today & tomorrow

Up to 99% efficiency and only 2W standby power, extra fast installation through unshielded motor cables. Outdoor & confined spaces & ATEX usability. Fully built-in intelligence incl. brake resistor + sensors. Integrated program control (DSP).

Hybrid inverters – INVH

Virtual power plant at home

Grid forming and stackable, the inhouse INVH functions as hybrid converter and battery. All in one unit for best economics and clean installation. Grid forming and virtual power plant functionality. Highest market efficiency 99% and lowest weight. 10yr plus lifetime due to no electrolytics.

Pioneering power electronics lab

Research and development lab of leading edge bi-directional power electronics, from 1W up to 100kW power range.