What is missioη99 ?

  • a toolset to make the world a bit better by helping our customers to create fantastic products
  • a high technology power electronics platform with many elements
  • a committment to continuously develop, for e.x. the newest semiconductors are utilised in the best possible way
  • the basis of SiGaN customer specific power electronics designs shall be the reason for our customers success stories

SiGaN, - and formerly under the umbrella of Anerdgy -, has developed a modular power electronics platform which hosts many different highly innovative technologies.
Multiple individual technology elements are hosted and form robust blocks and functional areas. For each of these hardware blocks software and intercommunication protocols have been developed.

So, the missioη99 platform is the toolkit we use to provide fast, reliable and greatly functional customer specific power electronics designs. Such design is handed over with certification and lifetime support where OEMs use it, - to save time, cost and most importantly, create better products for their customers.

In short: missoη99 is the DNA of SiGaN.

Mission 99 platform completeness


Modular toolkit status

Developed and tested
  • 2 level bidirectional inverter AC ↔︎ DC
  • <100cm²/kW all in
  • Si/SiC Mosfet hybrid
  • Full SMD
  • <1kg/kW all in
  • Low filter EMC compliance (high dV/dt)
  • Electrolytic free
  • Overload capability - dynamic temp model
Developed and in testing
  • 3 level bidirectional inverter AC↔︎DC↔︎DC
  • Grid forming – Grid/ Offgrid/Backup
  • DC offset <6mA
  • Hybrid DC bus – Multiple Bidirl DC In/Out
  • Flying cap
  • Noise shaping sigma delta modulation
  • High bandwidth feedback
  • High accuracy instrumentation
  • Multi feedback filter network
Under development
  • Highest efficiency CLLC over wide power range
  • Full SMD 25-32A SiC bidirectional AC & DC legs
  • 1200V isolated DC option

Highest efficiency over wide power range = running cost savings

Fully bi-directional = grid battery charging/ discharging ability

Grid / Offgrid Backup functionality = larger market blackout security

Virtual synchronous machine = grid forming for active grid support

Passive cooling = no noise no maintenance

Low weight = low cost shipping

Full SMD* = cost effective EU manufacture

No electrolytics = longer life span

Highly accurate instrumentation* = better faster control

100-1200VDC capability* = wide usage range

Pioneering power electronics lab

Research and development lab of leading edge bi-directional power electronics, from 1W up to 100kW power range.