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Superior power electronics lab based in Zurich, Switzerland

What to expect?
  1. Outstanding expertise
    From power conversion, EMC, to measurement until software
  2. for best power electronics
    in terms of compactness, efficiency, reliability, robustness and simplicity
  3. with no upfront R&D costs
    by receiving a customer specific design licence, certification & lifetime support

Topology highlights

~99% efficiency

Nutshell of success for next level power electronics

Symmetric bi-directionality

Fast and seamless power flow redirection

Full SMT

Robot line production ready

Passive cooling only

No noise, no maintenance, ATEX proof

Hardware auto pilot

Highest operational safety

Virtual synchro machine

Stabilises grid & island mode
About 1
About 1

The SiGaN universe

Our goal: alien technology ?!

We often dont’ know, but we think and try, until the initially impossible becomes true. The best engineers, given the freedom and flexibility, plus a bit of humour and stubbornness - are the ingredients SiGaN cooks with.

A few motivational words
from one of our founders

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About 2

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Typical use cases

Vehicle to home - V2H/V2X highest compactness

V vehicle to home, is a upcoming next level technology where electric vehicles (EV) will become connected to the building electricity grid and utilise their great capacity of battery storage.

As of today EVs are just locally charged by AC providing wall boxes in residential areas. The switch to V2H requires are new type of wall box switch from one-directional AC wall boxes to bidirectional DC wall boxes in order to provide a smooth electricity flow between EV and house grid.

Since the AC wall boxes have set the costing and design level, the customers expectation for DC wall boxes are almost similar and difficult to achieve as DC wall boxes have by far more ingrediens to host. So highest compactness and cost efficiency are main drivers for the acceptance of such upcoming technology.

SiGaN mission 99 platform provides a great basis for specific V2H product designs handling all challenges.

EES electric energy storage ~99% efficiency

E lectric energy storage, especially for residential buildings, is about to become a standard in well equipped houses.
Reasons are that local electricity generation is typically mainly based on photovoltaics which can't deliver energy at night but produces excessive power during the day. The buffer for such demand – supply imbalance is the EES which helps customers to use their own electricity cost effective, increase their autarky and finally give them a option to power the house even if the electricity grid is down. To the largest extend they are fully disconnect from the electricity grid.

Do do so the efficiency and quality of the EES are key in order to provide not just minimised losses under high and low load scenarios but also to provide a long battery lifetime. The technical options for providing an island mode and switch from grid to off grid back to grid operation are another modes to handle smoothly. A special topic is the load imbalance between the different electricity phases when household use single phase tools such as mixers, coffee machines, …

SiGaN mission 99 platform provides a great basis for specific EES product designs handling all base functionality and certification aspects.

Bi-directional motor drives master recuperation

Many use cases in building industry such as elevators, escalators as well as industrial drives e.g. wind turbines or machinery drives have the need to accelerate and decelerate. As of today the deceleration energy (= breaking) is either burnt to heat or the recuperation efficiency is rather low.

The new existence for such motor drives opens new market segments and will enable OEMs and customers to create more efficient and cost effective products processes.

SiGaN mission 99 platform provides a great basis for specific bidi motor drives product designs handling all challenges.

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