Conveyor belts, for all their usefulness, present a host of challenges. Their constant motion and high speed, coupled with the industrial scale forces required to drive them, rapidly multiply the consequences of any malfunction (e.g. blockage, equipment error, human error) along the line. They therefore require constant monitoring to detect and contain errors in a timely manner. This can be facilitated through the use of smart, integrated motors

By adding a smart fully integrated module onto an existing motor, you enable an array of built-in sensors to actively monitor shaft position, torque, and motor vibrations, allowing the unit to identify and respond to unexpected belt behaviour. Speed changes and slow reversal are handled gracefully, as is the coordination of multiple motors. Besides augmenting system security, these features offer the following key advantages over conventional motor systems:

  • Streamlined installation: mount and connect to standard power cables and daisy chaining of communications lines
  • Software customisation: motor behaviour, sensor operation and communication protocols can be customised as needed
  • Fully enclosed housing: standard weatherproof (IP65) housing with additional options (IP69K) available
  • Blockage response: stops the line if torque exceeds a specified threshold
  • Slow speed reverse: a tool for troubleshooting line blockages
  • Integrated brake: actively slows the line as needed
  • Intelligent power-up: gradually ramps up to desired belt speed
  • No clutch required: capable of adjusting motor to load and stopping as required
  • Error notification: displays a localised warning signal or communicates with a central controller to indicate line errors
  • Belt maintenance prediction: analyses motor vibration and unloaded belt torque to predict required maintenance (e.g. bearings, need of re-greasing, etc)
  • System monitoring: monitors belt slippage, tension, pully wear, etc
  • Value Added: Major benefits to the customer with minimal installation requirements.
  • Pre-programmed software ensures simple installation and commissioning by electricians as opposed to drive specialists

Conveyor belts are a fundamental workhorse of bulk material transport across industry. With the Anerdgy AFI module or servomotor, many of the tedious but critical monitoring processes can be easily automated ensuring improved customer satisfaction resulting in increased customer loyalty.