Photovoltaic energy

Charging from your PV panel


Storing your charge

0% Electrolytics

Exceptionally long lifespan

Hybrid Inverters

PV panels + battery + INVH virtual power plant

Highest market efficiency 99% and lowest weight

All in one unit for best economics and clean installation. Grid forming and virtual power plant functionality. Highest market efficiency 99% and lowest weight. 10yr plus lifetime due to no electrolytics.

As of today
◦ - 30% cost
◦ - 50% weight
◦ + 100% lifetime

Coming soon
◦ virtual synchronous machine
◦ 20kW full SMD upgrade path
◦ up to 100kW units possible

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Pioneering power electronics lab

Research and development lab of leading edge bi-directional power electronics, from 1W up to 100kW power range.